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[IP] Thanks for the encouragement- my insurance company came through

For all of you who are in despair because your insurance company wont pay
for your pump and supplies I thought I'd pass on my good luck story.  My
insurance company finally agreed after a six month battle to give me $1,500
towards my pump and pay $70% of my pump supplies.  My husband's insurance
company will pay nothing for the pump but will pick up the remainder of my
pump supply costs.  As I live in Canada where coverage for pump supplies is
almost non-existant (insulin pump-- what's that?) I am very excited.  My
thanks go to all those who encouraged me to keep trying, and to those kind
souls who offered me their spare supplies when I wrote that I was having
difficulty.  Throughout this ordeal I kept thinking that if I gave up I
would be letting down every other diabetic who needed a pump.  My insurance
company did refuse to pay for batteries and IV 3000 but WHO CARES!  After
six months on the pump my hemoglobin A1C has gone from .8 to .61 and more
importantly I have much fewer swings which to me is the whole point.  Thank
you all again for your ongoing support. I feel that this support group has
been on great value to me and recommend it to everyone who is thinking of
going on the pump.  Bye the way Hi April-- I just saw your profile. 

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