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[IP] Freaking out, please help!

I am outraged and angry and don't know what to think!!!  My ex-husband took 
our 12 year old son for his first endo visit since starting the pump.  
Without even having an A1c to look at, the endo prounounced after looking at 
our log book that Justin's control is terrible, that it was better on MDI, 
and that if it didnt improve, he'd yank the pump!!!  First of all, I CAN TELL 
YOU, his control is much better on the pump.  How could the endo say it was 
better on MDI when (1) we only tested 2x a day so we didn't have the info and 
ability to correct that we do with 6x a day testing and the pump, and (2) he 
didnt even have a pumping A1c to compare to an MDI A1c????  Then to top it 
off, he tells them that pumpers still have to be on three scheduled meals and 
2 scheduled snacks a day (in other words, just like MDI) because the pump is 
just for better control, not so you can eat when and what you want.  And if 
that's not enough, he said Justin can have no sweets except a small snack 2x 
a week - isn't a carb a carb a carb as long as you cover it with 
insulin??????  My ex, who hasn't bothered to educate himself, unfortunately 
(I bought him Pumping Insulin in August, but he "hasn't had time" to read 
it), has told me that he WILL be putting our son back on this rigid schedule 
(we share physical custody 50/50), and I informed him that I would NOT be, 
and that I would be looking for another endo tomorrow.  AM I CRAZY OR STUPID 
OR WHAT?  This goes against everything I think I've learned?  Input, 
P.S.  We live about an hour from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  Any good endos 
to recommend?
---sweatin in out in Maryland
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