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Re: [IP] Re: [IP} Guilt - Liz, Leigh

I have to add my loud "AMEN" to what you have both said - yes, denial,
anger, non-compliance.  I also fabricated urine test results.
Probably one reason they developed the A1C.  Went on the pump 17 January
this year, and the freedom is almost more than I can manage!  No kidding!  I
want to eat everything!!  But, I also test many times during the day.  4
times daily on MDI, and maybe 6 or more now, on pump.  But - the
improvement!  And no complications yet, although last December I turned 50,
which I never excpeted to get to, and rented the Baltimore Aquarium and
threw a BIG bash, and every guest knew why.  I'm one of few (probably) who
brags about being 50!  Such a thrill!!!  I also expected to be blind with
kidney failure, and missing at least one foot, if not more!

It's the little things, you know - like opening your eyes every morning and
seeing the sun stream in through the window!  Like taking a walk in the

Good luck to everyone wrestling with this disease!!!!   Jane

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