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Re: [IP] Adjusting your own basal rates

>Are my problems typical for
> brand-new pumpers?  If things are going to get worse than this i might go
> back to MDI!>>

I don't know if they will get worse...as nothing is predictable on this
but...you will find lots of support and answers here.

ditto to nancy morgan.  we also had a very open endo/CDE who let us take our
basal maintenance into our own hands, once we got a handle on the math/logic
behind the pump  (not the pumper, I might add).

we read lots and I sat with geneva's log book in front of me trying to make
sense of it all.  trial and error.
the best thing about it all is that once you have experienced all of the
little problems and kinks,  you will know how to handle them in the future.
like bubbles in the darn cartridge. now we know to have insulin at room temp
and to prefill them so we don't waste alot of time.

as far as your basals at night,  if it were my pump,  I would lower my
basals during the night.  you can always work your way down from a higher
number.  geneva drops like a rock after about midnight so we reduce her
basals from 1.0 ( or about...depending on if she is not growing)  down to
0.5 and 0.3 during the "1 am until wake up"  block of time.

the first few weeks are the worst as far as being exhausted from testing
every couple of hours.... and we are still testing at 2 am.  but..once you
get your sleeping basals figured out, you have conquered a third of the 24
hour day!

good luck and don't ever feel like you cannot ask any questions here.

mom to geneva
age ten , pumping since june '99

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