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[IP] Adjusting your own basal rates

Colleen, this is a group that MILITANTLY defends its rights to manage its
own blood sugars, and that includes adjusting your basal rates.  I suspect
the MM educator told you to check with the doctor before adjusting basals,
mostly CYA, but because some people haven't educated themselves, and read
Pumping Insulin, before starting pumping.  But if you have read it, and
understand the principles of adjusting your own insulin, GO FOR IT!  The
only time I've asked Jenna's doctor about adjusting basal rates was....come
to think about it, I've never asked - just told them, in retrospect, what
I'd done.

Our start up was also rocky, and I felt very sleep deprived before
everything was adjusted.  Jenna's biggest problem was that her sites didn't
last until we switched to H/V mix - which I would have never known about
without this group.  I even told the endo, in retrospect, that I'd switched
to the mix, and it was working fine.   It really took us 3 months to get all
the bugs worked out.  I am envious of folks who just fall right into it, but
there are a lot of us who worked hard to get it smoothed out.  So, hang in
there, learn everything you can, count on the folks on this list to help you
solve problems and it does get better!

Nancy Morgan

<<I've been low just about every morning
since i started pumping last week, and the couple of times i've slept thru'
my 3 am alarm it's been dangerously low by morning.  Obviously my basal
should be lower at night.  My minimed educator told me that i
can't adjust my basals w/o my dr.s approval.  I'm not getting very quick
feedback from her, though.  Can i get some feedback from the list on
self-adjusting your basals?
In the last 7 days, i've also experienced a 'gusher',
wing-irritation, 2 accidental set removals, and my pump is still ticking
like a clock every 7 seconds.  These things combined with the 12+ tests i've
been doing every day are wearing on me.  Are my problems typical for
brand-new pumpers?  If things are going to get worse than this i might go
back to MDI!>>

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