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[IP] Re: [IP} Guilt

Hi Leigh,

I've been on insulin since 1970 and on the pump since 12/96.  I know exactly
where you're coming from.  I, too, thought I'd be dead by 40.  Blind and/or
amputated by 35 or so.  Never thought I could have children (and all my life
I've wanted them).

I also spent a good deal of time uncompliant and angry and in denial.  But
you know what?  I don't find that surprising now that I look back on it.
That's a pretty heavy trip to lay on a 9-year old girl.  No wonder I ate
candy and fabricated urine test results and took secret insulin shots before
each visit to the doctor.  Not to mention the fact that regulating your
blood sugars using urine test results and NPH is just about impossible

Just be happy that we finally have some tools to help us effectively manage
our blood sugars.  Don't worry about what's past.  There's nothing you can
do about it.  You were just doing the best you could with the tools
available to you at the time. Even noncompliance and denial are tools we use
to help us get through; just not very effective ones.

I am amazed every time I think that in less than a month it will be the year
2000 (I never thought I'd make it), and I plan to spend the evening dancing
up a storm and enjoying my husband and two wonderful daughters.


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