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Re: [IP] First Square Wave Bolus

> How do you figure out how to do a sq.wave bolus and for what kind of
meals. I
> heard pizza is a killer, but we haven't tried it yet and on other fatty

hi linda,

geneva, age ten,  has been using a different approach to the sq. wave as we
have a MM and don't like the fact that when in "SW" mode, she can't eat
something again without completely suspending the whole operation and
bolusing for that food item and then resetting the "SW".
What she does instead is this:

1.  boluses for the amount of food eaten
2.  sets a temporary basal for three hours at 0.2 higher than her normal
basal at that period of time

she will do this for the following foods which  tend to spike her levels
after a couple of hours.

bagels  (especially the white flour ones)
most cereals that the kids like  (cap'n crunch is a killer!)

there are other foods that I have forgotten, but these are the ones that I
think of offhand.

we tried 4 hours like david , and it was too much.

we also have done 0.3 units higher, but it was too much also.

you will have to experiment.  it is nothing to be afraid of, as you will be
testing frequently while trying it out.  we tested every hour after eating
for four hours.  our personal goal is 130-140 2 hours after eating.  usually
with the pizza and above mentioned, it is higher.  but she does come down by
the third hour.

YMMV as they all say here.

mom to geneva

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