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[IP] Re:pump/4 injections

Mom of Kap that is great I hope you have your pump before Christmas that is 
what we were hopeing for but I guess we will get one after the new year. Oh 
well at least I have hope now of getting one.Our Endo said the reason for 
the age of 13 is so he will now how to figure out how much insulin to inject 
at lunchtime. I agree with you 13 is going to be a tough enough year. Also I 
dont want him to have to have a needle at school because it will be kept 
locked up and he will have to go to the office to get it and do it so then 
he will feel really different from the others and I have always been told to 
try not to make him feel different. Best of luck to you what a Christmas 
present that is!!!!!

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