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RE: [IP] how low can you go?

>         I should also mention that these bg's were from an accu-chek
>complete.  I received the complete monday as a freebie and decided to use it
>because my dr.s office prefers it.  I've done about 6 simultaneous tests
>using the complete and my dex and noticed that the complete readings have
>been significantly lower than my dex.

You may want to do a comparision next time you go to the Dr for a A1c  when 
they draw your blood test your sugar on both machines and then when you get 
the results it should tell you the result of the blood sugar at the time of 
testing as well as the A1c.  this may give you a good idea of how "off" the 
meters are.  this is one reason i try to stick to one machine to test that 
way i get a constant reading.  also you may want to contact Accu-chek and 
tell them this  their may be a problem with the  meter/strips.
when i first got my Complete i was having VERY high and low readings just 
to find out that it was the strips doing it.

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