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[IP] Old BG Machines - Was orthoscopic surgery

Joyce wrote:
> > My husband has Type II diabetes, and yesterday he had 
same-day orthoscopic surgery on his right knee. Because 
he was diabetic, the nurse took his blood sugar twice. 
She used a meter I'd never seen before. The drop of blood 
was huge, the strip sat for a long time, the nurse dabbed 
the blood off, and then we waited as she finally inserted 
the strip into the machine. 

I remember the first one my doctor's office had (pre 
1980).  It sounded very similar to the one Joyce 
described except that after so many seconds of putting 
the blood on the strip, you would squirt it off with 
water.  Then you would insert it into the machine (no 
digital display at all).  Then the gauge would fluctuate 
back and forth and settle on some small line that was an 
indication of around where you blood sugar was.

Kathy Greifzu
email @ redacted
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