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Re: [IP] Testing...How Often is Too Often??

Thanks to all of you for the encouraging messages!  It looks as though the 
situation with my test strips has been straightened out.  My insurance 
company's prescription mail service was hesitating at filling a script my 
doctor wrote for strips.  I went to great pains to get the script filled out 
exactly as the insurance company's technicians specified.  They assured me 
that if I got the script written as they specified that there would be no 
delay in filling my test strips.   However, when they received the script, 
they placed a "trouble ticket" on it and my endo had to call and speak with 
them directly, which has delayed me getting a refill another couple of days.

I am already late getting my refill by about two weeks.  Back in September, 
I had sent in a script for so many boxes to be provided with the direction 
that they be refilled three times; the intent was for that script to be a 
3-month supply.  When I called to refill around the end of November, I found 
out they had tagged the script as a 6-month supply because the amount was 
"greater than average" (probably according to some corporate chart they're 
provided with).

So, my endo spoke with them and all appears to be well.  Thanks again for 
all the support and advice.


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