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[IP] Testing Often

Before I went on the pump in 1996, I had been through a  very frustrating 
time with my bgs.   I was beating myself up a lot because of unexplained, 
and I really do mean unexplained, highs, then after I injected for that, of 
course, going very low, etc.  I was on a crazy rollercoaster and working 
with dietitions and my doctor.  I was testing 20+ times a day trying to 
"get it right".    My stress and frustration were causing highs and other 

My doctor actually told me at that time to relax and only test 6 or so 
times for a while,   before meals, 2 hrs after meals and before bed.    I 
did that, calmed down and you know, it did help even things out a bit. 
  However, I decided to do the pump shortly after this.  Now, with a Hbaic 
of 6.2, I am convinced that my erratic highs and lows were related to 
menopause, along with the stress from my total frustration.

My point is, test as you need to.  YMMV.  My experience was a bit obsessive 
and it did not help my situation.  Now, I am curious as to what my body is 
doing with this food or that, and usually test about 10 times a day.  Some 
days I am busy and do a quick body check and know I am close to range and 
don't get but 4-5 tests done.

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