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[IP] Re: pharmacys


Just read your post!

I thought that we were the only ones that have had problems with pharmacies.

We have had this happen too, but with syringes and humalog. Back in MDI
days, the pharmacy lady said that we could only get a supply of 100
syringes in 100 days. So that would mean we  could only use 1 syringe per
day (Eve was on 4 shots a day, we choose to use a new syringe each time
after we had things floating in the insulin vial, some brown and some
white). Our insurance will cover more 1 than syringe per day (we pay cash
and get reimbursed by our insurance company). I know she was jerking me
around, b/c for the past two years we never had a problem (she said this was
the stores policy, this a well known pharmacy, they are all over the
country). It was already a bad day for me and I let her have it, I was tied
of being jerked around again by them. I think that everyone in the store
heard me.

On to the humalog (my husband posted about this sometime ago), we were told
that we could not get more than 10 vials of humalog in a year, the
pharmacist stated that this was a federal policy by the FDA. I knew better.
This pharmacist is a idiot. Again our insurance will pay for all the insulin
Eve needs.

I no longer go to the pharmacy to get supplies, my husband does it, I don't
have to stomach to do this anymore. I am tied of arguing  with them every
time I go there. Why we go there is a long story with our insurance company.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

> Insurance Co had no problems w/ testing and testing
> The Drug Store did - "if you learn how to treat diabetes - u wouldnt need
> test"
> "your insurance only covers 100 strips" (wanna bet)- lets call them NOW"
> Listen - to their reason for their thinking only 100- "There is 100 in a
> and we dont know how to put in 200 in the computer. (Sounds like a
> problem to me - however my company I do offer training on computers for a
> They try each month when it is time to get refills - to jerk me around -
> I enjoy the hassle - it gives me an avenue to vent -- usually everyone in
> store - has to endure my venting sessions.  But hopefully - they are being
> trained as well - in
> Doctors write the scrips -
> Drug stores - fills them -
> Ins - pays after my co-payment.
> Darlene
> (mom to Kap) age 9

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