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[IP] pump update

First, thanks to all of you who answered my airport questions.  That is one 
less thing I will have to worry about.

Still not pumping, my appointment is on Dec 17th.  Do have an interesting 
story about Disetronic though.  As you all know you get two pumps.  I had 
been playing around with one of the them to get familiar with it and all the 
buttons.  It is the clear blue one.  I finally took the other one out of the 
box to look at it and saw that it was the cream colored one.  It was not 
translucent and I couldn't see the insulin cartridge.  Didn't like that.  I 
e-mailed my pump rep, asked her about the exchange and she said to call 
customer service.  Well she must have called them before I did, because I 
got a call from their customer service asking which pump I wanted to 
exchange and what color I wanted as a replacement.  They are sending out a 
UPS return label and will send out my new clear pump.  I was impressed.

I am sure that MM has just as good customer service, but I am always 
impressed with any company that cares about its customers.

Sorry about this being so long.

Also-I get trained for the pump on tues th 14th.  I think this is really 
going to happen.  I have been trying to get this to happen since May and it 
has been a long, slow drawn out project between finding a doctor (who had a 
4 month waiting list) then getting my insurance changed before I could see 
her and get on the pump.  I now have to see a different endo but I hear he 
is excellent too and has lots of pumping patients.

Take care all
email @ redacted

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