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Re: [IP] First Square Wave Bolus


geneva does a temp basal for 3 hours for pizza and mickey D's and
such....same as the square wave but we don't like being 'locked up' on the
MM during such procedure.  she does bolus for the meal in entirety.  the
temp basal is set for about 0.2 higher than her normal basal.  YMMV.


> > hours. I went low at hour 5 so next time I will reduce the total bolus
> > deliver more of it in the first two hours and less in the last 2 hours.
> > new at this so I'm still experimenting. Hope this helps.
> >

> 4 hours is probably too long. The average activity curve on Humalog burns
> 60 - 70% in the first two hours and most of the rest in the next hour and
> a half.

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