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[IP] re: for women only- bg's during cycle

Renee (pump Mom) wrote: 
Here's yet another question: my almost 17 yr old has the same pattern 
you've (Jeanie) described- highs the day or 2 before, and crashing low the 
of....BUT, yesterday she kept going low inexplicably & the only thing I could 
attribute it to was that she was exactly 2 wks post-period - i.e. ovulating???
     Anyone else detected a pattern like this? Seemed plausible to us since 
the hormones would have been askew mid-cycle too?>>

Reply from Dizzy:
Hi Renee, I'm 36, but I have noticed that I run high about a week before my 
menstrual period (200-300),  I hardly eat because I feel sooo bloated and 
then when it comes I CRASH for about the first 3 days, (average BG = low 
60's). I chalk it up to those DAD BLAM hormones<vbg>.
YMMV . This is prior pump, I have yet to experience "Aunt Martha" with my 
pump -- but *she's* coming . . .<vbg>

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 36.5 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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