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Re: [IP] for women only- bg's during cycle

  Renee wrote:
<< Here's yet another question: my almost 17 yr old has the same pattern 
you've described- highs the day or 2 before, and crashing low the day 
of....BUT, yesterday she kept going low inexplicably & the only thing I could 
attribute it to was that she was exactly 2 wks post-period - i.e. ovulating???
     Anyone else detected a pattern like this? Seemed plausible to us since 
the hormones would have been askew mid-cycle too????? >>

Yep!!  I do.  The problem is, it isn't consistent enough that I feel
confident adjusting my basals to account for it, like I do for the PMS
week.  Sigh....  One thing I have done, (and I know this isn't the ideal
solution) is to change my carb ratio when this happens.  If I eat small
amounts, fairly frequently, I can almost always be "working" on bolus
insulin and food, rather than basals. By bolusing less than normal for my
food, it counteracts the hormone effect.  When I start getting higher than
target bg readings, I go back to my normal carb ratio.  I've found that
these lows only last about one day... pretty hard to nail down.

Mary Jean

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