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[IP] Re: Testing...How Often is Too Often??

Jennifer, from reading the messages on this site, you can see that 
everyone is a little different about most everything.  How often you 
should test is also an individual thing.  I think that the bottom line 
is that you need to test whenever you feel the need for it.  What is 
excessive testing for one person may not be enough for another.  If you 
are testing 12 or 15 times a day and that keeps you under control and 
satisfied, then test that often.  I have been pumping for 3 months.  
During the first 6 weeks or so after starting on the pump, I tested more 
often as I was trying to see how my body was reacting to the pump.  I 
think 13 times in one day is my record but I had many days when I tested 
10 to 12 times.  Now that I am stable with my basels and know how much 
insulin to take for boluses, I normally test 7-10 times a day, but there 
are still those days that for one reason or another, I feel it necessary 
to test more than that.  Obviously, insurance companies would rather not 
pay for a dozen tests a day ("of course 4 tests a day is all that is 
necessary") but some realize that frequent testing helps you keep your 
blood sugar under control so that you don't have auto accidents because 
of hypoglycemic unawareness or develop the myriad of problems that high 
blood sugar can cause in your body over time.  Taking care of those 
problems is much more expensive for the insurance company than paying 
for a few more 50 cent test strips.  I suggest that you keep after your 
insurance company, enlist your doctor's help, and continue testing as 
many times a day as you feel is necessary to keep you happy and healthy.  

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area
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