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[IP] BGs after meals

email @ redacted wrote:

> The endo - had no problems w/ testing and testing -  however he did
> get upset w/ testing less than 2 hrs after a meal - "it is quite normal
> to go high (400-500) after a meal - but he will come back down by 2 hrs 
> This 2 hr frame starts when Kap is finished eating not when he starts.
> Endo said - Damage is caused with staying high and not coming back down 
> with the 2 hrs lapse.

I got told EXACTLY the same thing by a GP -- that it's normal to go VERY
high 2 hours after eating, and that damage is caused only  by sustained
high BGs, not postprandial spikes.

Except it's not true!!!!!!

Test someone known to be non-diabetic in that time frame. They certainly
won't be over 140, and will probably be somewhere between 100 and 120.

The jury is still out as to whether those spikes cause damage -- the
rationale is that glycation takes a long time to form and those spikes
don't last long enough, but in many or most people, the spikes DO
contribute to higher A1c's. Whether the A1c reflects glycation in OTHER
tissues is a question I haven't been able to find an answer to. 

The other reason not to tolerate those spikes is that for me, at least,
they make me FEEL crappy. Just like the crummy feeling from a low lasts
longer than the low itself, the awful feeling from a high lasts longer
than the high. The high might last only an hour or two, but my mouth is
dry and I'm groggy for 4 - 6 hours. Not worth it.

One of the reasons for me to go on the pump was to see if I could
eliminate those spikes -- it HAS worked, most of the time -- and it's
certainly more convenient to bolus and correct with the pump than to go
drag out paraphernalia at the other side of the house!!!!  :)


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