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[IP] Guilt

Hello out there,

I have been on insulin since 1975, the pump since 9/99.  I am so lucky that I 
don't have any major complications.  Now that the pump has given us such 
freedom, I am trying to let go of all the "finger wagging," " you will be 
dead when you're 40" (I'm 42 now ), and many other stupid things said to me 
as a diabetic.  Yes, I was noncompliant and angry and denied things for parts 
of my diabetes, but I couldn't have come as far as I have if I wasn't doing 
something right all those years ago.   
Is anyone out there having feelings similar to this?  I guess this (pump, 
multiple inj.) is such a positive approach to diabetes that has happened over 
the last few years, I am now more aware of all the guilt and negative 
feelings I've had about myself over the years.
Well, I sure have babbled on, don't know if this makes any sense.  But if any 
of you old timers have any thoughts or similar experiences I would like to 
know about it.  I just bought a book called Caring for the Diabetic Soul and 
I think that will be very positive.

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