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Re: [IP] for women only- bg's during cycle

Yes, I need a little more insulin when I ovulate , then a lot more before my 
period, than far less once I start.  I am on the pump and we are trying to 
set a pattern that will work for me, put I am told to be patient and it will 
work out.  Yesterday I woke up at 41, and I dropped to 48 around 2pm, and 
guess what, my period started a few hours later!   When I was first diagnosed 
(1975, age 17) and for many years after my endos told me that my periods 
"didn't effect  my blood sugars, I was just "non-compliant"!  #*^^!!   I am 
glad your daughter will not have to deal with that XXX and will have the 
medical support she needs.
FYI, I am now 42, have no major complications and am doing very well.  

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