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Re: [IP] Testing...How Often is Too Often??

In a message dated 12/9/99 12:09:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My endo seems to have no problem prescribing me with 
 the strips...it's just the insurance company balking at it.

When Kap was dxd - I was given Rx for insulin and testing strips (200) a 
month (no hospital) and a very good CDE for back up. He was on humalog b4 
each meal and nph only at night.  
The endo - had no problems w/ testing and testing - 
however he did get upset w/ testing less than 2 hrs after a meal - "it is 
quite normal to go high (400-500) after a meal - but he will come back down 
by 2 hrs 
This 2 hr frame starts when Kap is finished eating not when he starts.
Endo said - Damage is caused with staying high and not coming back down with 
the 2 hrs lapse.
Insurance Co had no problems w/ testing and testing
The Drug Store did - "if you learn how to treat diabetes - u wouldnt need to 
"your insurance only covers 100 strips" (wanna bet)- lets call them NOW"
Listen - to their reason for their thinking only 100- "There is 100 in a box 
and we dont know how to put in 200 in the computer. (Sounds like a personal 
problem to me - however my company I do offer training on computers for a fee)
They try each month when it is time to get refills - to jerk me around - but 
I enjoy the hassle - it gives me an avenue to vent -- usually everyone in the 
store - has to endure my venting sessions.  But hopefully - they are being 
trained as well - in
Doctors write the scrips - 
Drug stores - fills them - 
Ins - pays after my co-payment.
Thanks for Listening!
(mom to Kap) age 9
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