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[IP] paying for supplies

Hi all (especially Doreen)
I would contact your State Assemblyman, as well as the
Director of the State Department of Insurance, and the
State Assembly Insurance Committee Chairman or Woman. 
It sounds quite illegal for the insurance co. to just
DROP your kids from their plans for having Diabetes. 
I would be on the phone to any number of State and
Federal agencies, including Medicare.  Anyway, try
contacting your State representatives. Since this just
happened, you might get some quick response if you
hurry.  This kind of stuff really angers me, just
pi**es me off.  Do try to get to your State
Assembly/House Insurance Committee chairman's office. 
A phone call can do wonders, and their job is to help
YOU.  Perhaps I should teach a Diabetic Civics
course... Anyway, good luck, and if you need, just
email, same for everyone else.
Steve Lazarus
Diabetic 1963 (18mos.), pump 1998 (37yrs.),

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