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[IP] Testing...How Often is Too Often??

Hi all!

I wanted to get the opinion of other people who are using the pump.  Do you 
find that once you went on the pump, your need for blood testing increased, 
decreased or was there no change?  I've been on the pump for almost a year 
now, and have found that I'm testing much more frequently than I ever have 
before.  Part of the problem is that I've had Type 1 for over 20 years now 
and have developed hypoglycemic unawareness.  The other concern I have (and 
part of why I test frequently) is that I am very sensitive to Humalog, which 
is what I'm using with the pump.  2 units will lower my glucose by about 

Basically, I test before meals and 1-1.5 hours after meals.  If my target 
sugar after meals is high, I take another dose and test 1-1.5 hours after 
that.  I always test before driving and before and after doing any type of 
planned exercise.  I test again before bedtime and when I wake up.  And of 
course, if I have a low I take 15 grams of carbs and test again in 15 
minutes to check that I'm headed in an upward direction :)

I've heard 5-10 times per day is the norm, but I often add up my daily tests 
and find I've exceeded that range.  My insurance company is trying to give 
me the old "diabetics test 4 times per day" business.  In my opinion, that 
sort of thinking is on par with "diabetics need only take two doses of 
insulin per day."  :P

So, can anyone give me the benefit of their experience and let me know if 
I'm being excessive?  My endo seems to have no problem prescribing me with 
the strips...it's just the insurance company balking at it.

Last bit of info: my last HbA1C was 6.5.



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