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Re: [IP] Re: Do I Really Need An Endo.

In a message dated 12/06/1999 11:16:56 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I would really appreciate some input on this matter.We are having a heck 
 a time finding an Endo so we can get a pump for our son. The Endo we see now 
 will no longer see us because we want a pump. >>

I live in Arizona and have a choice of about 20 endos on my insurance.  I've 
yet to find one who is worth the time to go to and have found an Internist 
who is my primary care who is "pump positive".  I have a very good CDE who 
outlines what the care should be and what tests should be done when and the 
dr follows and agrees with her guidelines.  My primary care/internist has 
referred me out to the opthomologist, retina specialist, kidney specialist, 
and a neurologist as they were necessary.  The good thing about him is, HE 
LISTENS.  Personally, I think that this is the most important factor in a 
doctor and not his area of medical expertise.  If you can be very involved 
and informed on your care, then you can take charge.  On the other hand, if a 
person needs lots of guidance through the diabetes maze they should probably 
see an Endo.

So, IMHO, an Endo is not a necessity in my case. In fact, having people 
supportive of my having a pump has been the only way I could have gotten one. 
 My CDE pushed it through the ins co four years ago, before that company 
"officially" covered them.

Best of luck to you,
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