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Re: [IP] inconsistency!!!!!??????

At 07:36 PM 12/8/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >On the pump 1 month and 4 days to be exact my basals are still not set. I
 >know patience!!!!!! But here is what I am finding weird: When my endo 
 >my basals it works for about 5 days with great #'s then it just stops 
 >and I am high again for a few days then it's ok??!! Yesterday i ate nothing
 >until 8pm ran high all day today I ate nothing until 8pm again and I was in
 >the low 100's all day?? Same activity level?? Even my boluses are not
 >working. I cant even tell my endo. well at this time of day everyday my 
 >is............ because everyday it changes. There arent any patterns.

Do you go through high periods, followed by sudden unexplained drops? Then 
you start going back up again? That happens to me all the time... I've 
never been able to create a consistent pattern, even from one day to the 
next, doing and eating the same stuff. Real frustrating.

I think that for some of us, there are just too many variables to 
compensate for all of them. I just shoot for an average with my basals and 
try to maintain myself via boluses. Even then, I have some months that I 
need a higher or lower basal rate than other months. It's not perfect, but 
it's better than MDI.


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