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RE: [IP] Re: going low

It is strange. Before diabetes I had at least one and sometimes more
episodes of low sugar per week. I measured them several times and they were
in the 30s. I had severe sweating, shakes, and slurred speech then. After
diabetes and while on MDI I would have a 30 reading maybe twice per month
but I would have no symptoms whatever that I could sense. No sweating, no
shakes, able to carry on a perfectly good conversation. Would check my sugar
at the appointed time and find it at 35. The lowest I have been on the pump
is 48 and that came after about an hour and a half of walking around in a
department store. Had no idea I was that low. I have yet to understand how I
could have more hypos before diabetes and sense them and have less now but
have no idea when they hit unless I test. Weird.


> Also, because I am low infrequently, I
> can feel the symptoms in the 50s and 60s and treat before I am 32.
> Jen

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