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[IP] inconsistency!!!!!??????

On the pump 1 month and 4 days to be exact my basals are still not set. I 
know patience!!!!!! But here is what I am finding weird: When my endo changes 
my basals it works for about 5 days with great #'s then it just stops working 
and I am high again for a few days then it's ok??!! Yesterday i ate nothing 
until 8pm ran high all day today I ate nothing until 8pm again and I was in 
the low 100's all day?? Same activity level?? Even my boluses are not 
working. I cant even tell my endo. well at this time of day everyday my sugar 
is............ because everyday it changes. There arent any patterns. One day 
i can fast but yet run high all day the next day I will fast and I run low 
all day!?Does this mean my rates are extremely off? As of today I am on the 
following:6am-2pm=.7    2pm-6am=.4. Anyone care to shed some light?? Also if 
there is an air bubble at the beginning of the tubing (pump side-not near the 
infusion site) does this slow the amount of insulin you get?? Again I thank 
you guys in advance for support and advice!!         fondly Leesa  
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