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[IP] First Square Wave Bolus

I tried my first square wave bolus tonight on the advice of my CDE. I have
to mimic it on the Disetronic but it was worth the effort. On Monday I
worked late and grabbed a Big Mac and Fries for dinner. I took my entire
bolus just before the meal. I started with a blood glucose of 65. Two hours
later I was 212.  At 3 hours I was 172. At 5 hours  I was 127. Tonight I had
the exact same meal. I programmed my basal rate to give me the bolus spread
out over 4 hours. I started at 117 which is about 50 points higher than on
Monday. At two hours I was 200. At 3 hours I was 135! At 4 hours I was 81
and now I'm going to have to eat to bring my sugar back up. This is amazing.
Almost 100 points lower at hour 4, and in a normal range at hour 3!!!!!! The
pump is an amazing device.


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