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Re: [IP] Re: Pump/4 injections

At 06:02 PM 12/8/1999  Lori Kissick wrote:
 >Hello  just wanted to let you know we had our last Endo
 >appointment and he
 >told us we could get just as good control and the freedom as the pump by
 >going to four injections a day.I allmost considered it but get this he said
 >Ryan was too young right now we would have to wait till he was 13.

Fire this doctor and get a new one... he obviously is totally clueless 
concerning pumping. Anyone who thinks that you can get as good control with 
MDI as with a pump doesn't know anything about how pumps work. Has he read 
the DCCT??

I wish we could put some of these endos on the rigid schedule and 
restrictions that MDI entails. After a week, they'd be prescribing pumps 
left and right. And, we have far too many youngsters on the list, to 
believe that 13 is some sort of minimum age for pumping.


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