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[IP] TEXAS - Insurance & Supplies

I haven't "lurked" on the IP site in quite a while, but a problem has arisen that someone should be able to help me with.  I live in Texas, and am on the State Employee Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plan.  In order to "maximize" my benefits, I must do two things to get supplies, i.e. reserviors and infusion sets: 
    1.  Prescription from my "in Plan" primary care physician. (My endo in not "in plan" and I had to cover a large portion of my initial supplies, but, my primary physician is cool about writing the prescription.)  No problem so far....
    2.  Prescription must be filled by an "In Plan" pharmacy/durable med equip provider.  HERE is the problem.  Minimed is appearantly not opening new accounts for providers, and the local pharmacies can not obtain the supplies at a price from other sources that makes it economical at the price the insurance will reimburse.
SO....the problem is that I need to find a pump supplies provider that works with the State Employee Blue Cross Insurance here in Texas.  I have about a months worth of supplies left, but I KNOW that someone in the group has just the answer I'm looking for...
email @ redacted