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Re: [IP] Swimsuit help????

At 02:44 PM 12/8/1999 , you wrote:
>Hi! Okay i have a question that i'm hoping someone can help me out with. 
>I'm going to Florida for a vacation and i plan on wearing a bikini on the 
>beach. I was wondering what other pumpers do in this situation?? Thanks :)
>         Laura

Hi Laura

Now it has been along time since i have squized into one of those!!  ha 
ha   just kidding..

Some of the things i have heard that others have done is insert the set 
below the bikini line and then disconnect while on the beach and either go 
back to injections (which if you use the Sil/Tender you don't have to break 
the skin since they have a access port on them to give the shot threw)  or 
others have disconnected then reconnected when they lay in the sun.  and 
then of course their is just staying connected...

Hope this helps.

Brian Carter
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