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[IP] Re: Need your Suggestions!!

>I use both Sils AND SofSets, depending on what strikes my fancy (I never 
>said I wasn't weird!)

Shane also uses both. Usually he goes 3 sets in a row of micros, then 3
of sils. His cartridge usually goes exactly 3 sets (9 days), if he uses
the same tubing for all 3. He likes to alternate between the types of
sets. I'm not sure exactly why, maybe because each has features he
likes, but neither has exactly what he wants.

>the thing I like about Sils is that the connector is right ON the site,
>Also, the fact that the tape/adhesive is part of the set, and doesn't have >to be applied separately

These are also Shane's favorite parts to sils. A sil will stick to him
for 3 days without even skin prep (and its still hard to get off after 3
days)! A micro will require additional tape and a polyskin.
His biggest complaint about the micro QRs is that the sites he uses are
at just the right height so that when he tucks the extra tubing in his
jeans, the QR gets smashed right into the front of his hip bone-OUCH! He
always forgets, so this happens almost every time, and then he has to
untuck the shirt, rearrange the tubing, and retuck everything.

>The thing I like about SofSets is that the puncture is much smaller

yes! There have been a couple of times he has removed a set, and when I
look I can't find the hole from the set at all! With the sils there is
usually a small red dot. He also prefers the insertion method over the

>What *I* really want is something that combines the vertical insertion
>of the Sofset with the smoothness, on-site release and attached dressing
>of the Sil.

YES!!! This is Shane's exact request also!

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