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Re: [IP] Need your Suggestions!!

email @ redacted wrote:
> My only thought is that if you move the quick release closer to the infusion
> site then you wouldn't be able to move it out of the way for sleeping or
> sitting.  I use my backside/hip area and that extra area of tubing gives me
> enough room to move the quick release so I am not laying/sitting directly on
> it (ouch!).

I was thinking somewhat along the same lines -- I use both Sils AND
SofSets, depending on what strikes my fancy (I never said I wasn't
weird!), and the problem with the SofSet QR is that it has rough edges
that irritate my skin -- and when my site is reasonably close to my
beltline, I can let the connection hang out OVER my clothes, but when
the site is farther away, the thing is right on my skin, scratching me
and driving  me crazy. 

The thing I like about Sils is that the connector is right ON the site,
and smooth, so you CAN sit on it or lay on it and never notice. Also,
the fact that the tape/adhesive is part of the set, and doesn't have to
be applied separately, AND the fact that they use paper tape and not
plastic (I'm allergic to plastic tapes!)

The thing I like about SofSets is that the puncture is much smaller, and
I'm less likely to have pain and irritation with it -- when I take out a
SofSet, I only have a pinhead-sized red dot, whereas when I take out a
Sil, I have a little lump the size of a drop of water. 

What *I* really want is something that combines the vertical insertion
of the Sofset with the smoothness, on-site release and attached dressing
of the Sil.

I'm sure it could be done! 

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