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[IP] No Penetration

email @ redacted wrote:
> I use the micros and have been injecting on top of the tape. It helped with
> the tenderness I was having after injecting. But...... the last time I
> changed my site the micro wouldnt puncture the tape, the needle did but not
> the cannula. I tried 5 times then did it without the tape for I was becoming
> a pin cushion. LEESA

I also insert over tape because of skin allergies to plastic. 

Today I inserted, and the needle and cannula came bouncing out, so I
tried pushing it in again, several times, and it just wouldn't wouldn't
stay -- so I looked closely, and guess what -- the cannula was crimped.
So I got out a new set and went through the same tape with no problem. 

I don't think it was the fault of the tape, because I've done it through
tape many times -- I think it was just a defective cannula.

I wonder if yours was crimped as well. YMMV?? 
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