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Re: [IP] how low can you go?

On 7 Dec 99, at 13:09, rblakely wrote:

> I staggered home from a walk about a year ago and checked my own BG.  It
> was 27!  Twenty sevsen!!!  I believe that I have been unconscious with a
> higher BG.  The context seems to make a difference. Bob Blakely

Right, Bob.  The "context" and the speed of change in your Bgs. 
Also the output of glycogen and hormonal secretions. I've seen my 
readings in the low to mid 30's and still had fair control (for the 
moment) and I'm sure that I've had readings well below 20, the low 
end for most meters (who Wants to check then?)  The worst was 
when the docs had me strapped to a gurney and wouldn't believe 
that I wasn't some "drug crazed hippy".  Yes the drug was insulin! 
They didn't bother taking a reading (before personal meters then) it 
probably would have been in the single digits, I was quite 
delusional. The doctor finally agreed to injecting glucose and the 
syringe was a "Shining Cross of Salvation" in my glazed eyes.


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