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Re: [IP] What happens next?

At 08:06 PM 12/7/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Ped/endo said she hoped to have Kap pumping by Christmas vacation - Dec 17th.
 >Only 2 things she may have a problem with:
 >1 - Ins Co having a contract w/ MM and not Disetronic.
 >2.- Ins Co may ask for more #s.
 >At what point do u think - when will I know everything is going through!

I didn't know that the insurance company had to have a contract with the 
pump companies to pay a claim. Once you've decided on a brand of pump work 
with the sales rep to go through the flaming hoops. They are trained how to 
do that, so let them sweat the details. A good rep will know the companies 
and know exactly what it takes to get a pump approved. After all, they 
won't make a sale unless all this happens. If the rep for your pump can't 
seem to handle it, call the company and explain the situation. See what 
they'll do. Otherwise look at the other brand... maybe they have a better 
rep in your area.

Just remember, that if they want a sale, the pump companies need to help 
you... let them do the dirty work.


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