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Re: [IP] Need your Suggestions!!


I have been pumping for almost 16 years, and in the "early days" I remember 
that a couple of times I had some sets that the needles were not sharp on, in 
fact had no point at all.  Right now I do not remember if they were Minimed 
products, CPI Lilly, Nordisk, or even Travenol supplies.  This doesn't happen 
like it did and they were gladly replaced by the companies but,

Since I have limited sight in one eye, it is very hard to see the clear 
cannula on the removable needle prior to inserting it.  I always give the 
infusion set a quick look over to see if everything is okay and I liked it 
better when it was white, not clear.  It is more comforting to me to be able 
to inspect prior to insertion.

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