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Re: [IP] young teen girl wants off pump

Mary Jean,

Thanks for your reply.  I've read about the mixing of Velosin in with the
Humalog.  Sounds like an option for us, but I think we're going to try a
different infusion set type  1st.   She was using sils.  What have your
experiences been? Dana's pump bumps aren't pea-sized, but bigger than a
grain of sand!!  Quite noticable! Especially to a girl that age.  And to
clarify myself, she really wasn't on a low carb diet, but had planned on
reducing the # of carbs she ate daily from what she had eaten pre-pump.
(Especially when we counted all the carbs used to treat pre-pump lows).
Anyway, I will keep you posted. We have a ped. endo visit next week, and I
hope to get her pumping again over vacation!

Mary(Mom to 3 girls: Megan, Dana, with D, & Mackenzie)
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Date: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] young teen girl wants off pump

>I'm not a parent of a pumper, but a pumper myself.  I'm very interested in
>your daughter's decision.  Maybe I can offer a few suggestions.
><<She insists that her reason is twofold:1) she has gained 5 lbs in 3
>weeks on a reduced carb diet which she started at pump training, >>
>Why the low carb diet?  That is not necessarily pump-related, but may be
>your doc's recommendation.  Using a pump makes it very easy to eat a normal
>carb diet.  I'm curious about the reasoning for this.
><< and 2) she
>hates the pump bumps.  ("Mom, how can I wear a bikini with these red dots
>all over my belly?")  Her site from yesterday is inflamed & her ped. put
>on antibiotics. >>
>Is she using straight Humalog in the pump?  If so, she may be having some
>sort of reaction to the Humalog... many people do.  Lots of people on the
>IP list have solved the problem by mixing a small amount of Velosulin in
>with the Humalog. The Velosulin seems to "temper" the Humalog.  If she is
>getting a raised pea-sized bump then no wonder she's upset.  I use the mix,
>and when I take out my set, I only have a small red dot, about the size of
>a grain of sand.
>Good luck!
>Mary Jean
>pumping for almost 3 years

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