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Re: [IP] What happens next?

> Good books - however, I wonder if the 3rd edition of IP will have info on 
> using humalog in pumps since it varies from Regular insulin - peak times.

The only real difference is that H works about twice as fast as Regular. 
Since everyone is slightly different in their response, the info in 
Pumping Insulin is a generalization anyway. You can assume that H works 
twice as fast and adjust all the info accordingly for academic purposes. 
In the real world, it is a matter of trial and error with small 
adjustments to "tune" the needs of the particular user/patient. Using the 
general assumption of 2x activity time and the information provided will 
get you pretty close to a "general" solution for using Humalog. The 
"tool" on the howto page that predicts blood sugar levels uses this 
simple 2:1 H:R assumption and comes remarkably close to real world 
solutions. The guiding principal is that YMMV.

> Ped/endo said she hoped to have Kap pumping by Christmas vacation - Dec 17th.
> Only 2 things she may have a problem with:
> 1 - Ins Co having a contract w/ MM and not Disetronic.
> 2.- Ins Co may ask for more #s.
> At what point do u think - when will I know everything is going through! 
It's sort of like the promise "the check's in the mail". You can believe 
it when you hold it in your hand. It will happen, it just seems to take 
forever when your are waiting. :-)


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