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[IP] What happens next?

Step 1: Found a large group dealing w/ diabetes issues (Thank you - all!)

Step 2: Found ped/endo - that agrees - Kap is good candidate for pump!

Step 3: Ped/endo - faxed application to the Disetronic pump company. (Friday 
- 12/3)

Step 4: I called the Insurance company (Partners) and asked if there was a 
particular pump company that they had a contract with:  2 companies fell 
under the durable medical and they were not pump co. - so I am to assume 
there is no contracts between Ins Co and Pump Co.

Step 5:  Called MM & Disetronic and asked for samples to be sent - Monday 
after Thanksgiving - Both said they would send them out - But havent seen 
them yet!

Step 6: Ordered books Pumping Insulin and others and have read (over and 
Good books - however, I wonder if the 3rd edition of IP will have info on 
using humalog in pumps since it varies from Regular insulin - peak times.

Ped/endo said she hoped to have Kap pumping by Christmas vacation - Dec 17th.
Only 2 things she may have a problem with:
1 - Ins Co having a contract w/ MM and not Disetronic.
2.- Ins Co may ask for more #s.
At what point do u think - when will I know everything is going through! 

This waiting is like waiting for birth of baby --twins at that w/ the D pump!
After 24 hrs of labor - i thought they would do a C-section.
 I do feel like the pump will give Kap a better life.  A healthier life!  

Thank you all for "How Low Can You Go" -- Kap is not alone -but I did see 
where the pump may also help with this area!
Thanks for Listening
Mom to Kap - age 9

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