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Re: [IP] My opinion on the Glucowatch

I was at the Glucowatch hearing yesterday.  I saw graphs and charts and listened to ALL of the
testimony.  Here is my interpretation of what you can expect from the Glucowatch.  It's not  perfect,
and you will still need to do a couple of finger sticks a day,  but I think it's worth it for the
information you can get from it.

First you "prep the pad and put it in the watch.  You put it on and after the three hour warm up time,
you have to calibrate it with a finger stick.  This is when it starts reading.  One reading every 20
minutes. for 12 hours.   Then you start over again.  If you perspire, it will screw up the reading, so
an alarm sounds to let you know it skipped that reading.  If the unit becomes detached, it will sound
an alarm, and shut off.  Basically, if anything happens where it has to skip a reading, it will sound
an alarm.  The alarm is actually very soft at first, then it gets progressively louder the longer you
ignore it.  On average, they were getting 26 out of a possible 36 readings.  26 is a LOT of readings!
And my guess is, once you get used to it, there will be fewer accidental shut offs, which accounted
for most of the missed readings in the study.

As for it's accuracy,in the lab, it is as accurate, if not more accurate than any blood glucose meter
that we now have.  There was a lot of talk of it being inaccurate at the low numbers, but the home
meters gets very innaccurate in the low numbers.  The big innacuracies showed up during the in home
trial they , but they comparing it to a home meter reading, not a lab result.  Who is to say which was
the REAL culprit.  As a precaution, the FDA is making Cygnus include something about not treating or
adjusting insulin based on the Glucowatch reading.  They are covering their a***s.  There are
programmable alarms that you can set for any level.  The higher you set the alarm, obviously, the more
lows you will catch.  Even with the watch set at 70, I think it still caught over 50%, which is 50%
more than I catch now.

They didn't intend for people to wear it everyday, 24 hours a day, but if someone wants to, they can.
Or you can just wear it after you make a change, or on sick days, or just at night, or if things are
out of whack, or as a check every once in a while to see how your control really is.

I'm not sure how we will use it, I just know I can't wait to get one.

Sorry if I rambled.


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