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RE: [IP] how low can you go?

At 10:48 AM 12/7/1999  David L. Dougherty wrote:
 >I've been at 35 on several occasions. Not only was I not unconscious but I
 >had no symptoms whatever. I have never lost consciousness due to a low. I
 >imagine it will happen soon enough though.

I've been in the low 30's before... never been unconscious due to low BGs 
yet (knock on wood). However, we need to be really careful about making 
generalizations. Just because your meter says 35 doesn't really mean that 
you real BG is at that level. If your BG meter is 20% off, then your actual 
reading could be as high as 42 or as low as 28.

Finally, the exact BG level that causes unconsciousness will vary widely 
among individuals. Everyone really is different. The rate of BG change will 
also be a big factor. If you test at 35, but your BGs are dropping rapidly, 
you could be in big trouble in a very short time. But if they are stable, 
dropping slowly or even rebounding, things would obviously be quite different.

This is the main problem with BG testing... it is only a rough snapshot of 
one instant of time. You have little information to guide you as to the 
changes going on over short periods of time and the data you do have is 
only very approximate. This doesn't mean that we should disregard the BG 
readings... by all means, eat those glucose tabs when you're low and bolus 
when you're way to high. Just remember to recognize all the variables that 
are built into those numbers that you see.


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