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[IP] need advice, help

Eve's numbers in the last week have been high with spikes of even higher
numbers at different times of the day (one day it will be at lunch, the
other day it will be at supper or bedtime). Bolusing or shots between meals
didn't helped any. I suspected an uti yesterday. Well, took her to the dr
this afternoon and she has one, really bad. One of the problems is that she
doesn't show any symptoms, so when she has them we don't know till they are
real bad. You don't want to know what her urine looked like this morning.
The peds we saw this afternoon didn't believe me when I told her Eve had a
uti, b/c she had no symptoms. Oh, well. The peds also wants to have some
test done by an urologist to see why she has so many utis.

Does any else have this (no symptoms with utis)?

We will need to set a temp basal rate for Eve till she is over this. Does
anyone have any suggestions on how much? Do you think that a .2 increase in
her basal would be a good starting point?

On top of the uti, she is stressed out about the possible tests. I try to
tell her that any tests would be done after the first of the year, and not
to worry about them, but this doesn't work. Any suggestion on this one too
would help.


Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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