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RE: [IP] My opinion on the Glucowatch

The GlucoWatch is as accurate as finger-stick testing devices. See:

Diabetes Care 1999 Oct;22(10):1708-14
Correlation of fingerstick blood glucose measurements with GlucoWatch
biographer glucose results in young subjects with type 1 diabetes.
Garg SK, Potts RO, Ackerman NR, Fermi SJ, Tamada JA, Chase HP

Jeff Hitchcock - email @ redacted
Children with Diabetes - http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com

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Subject: RE: [IP] My opinion on the Glucowatch

In response to some replies (please excuse the length of this message):

IMHO, the GlucoWatch will be good for daytime and nightime monitoring of
glucose.  I would still keep my regular meter and could use it whenever I
thought I needed to test, if it's not a time when the watch shows a reading.
I surely wouldn't want readings all day long every 5 or 10 minutes, for the
most part I would get lost in the maze of readings!  And most of them would
be a waste of time.    How do you test now, Edward?  Do you stick yourself
and test every 5 or 10 minutes all day long?  I would still think you'd keep
your meter and use it for special circumstances such as when you felt low or
wanted to just check to be on the safe side.

I currently test an average of ten times a day: before and after each meal,
before, during, and after exercise, and other times as needed. During a
reaction, I test to verify the reaction and then 10 to 15 minutes later to
verify that the treatment I took is working.

Ed, I think the problem is more one of accuracy than timing.  20 min is
really quite OK a time interval.  In your case you mentioned, I would bet
that the first time you measured at 102 you BG was actually about 75.   The
accuracy of your existing meter is  only about 15-20% (try it with repeated
tests of the same blood to convince yourself),  so that is more likely the
problem in your situation.  The bigger question is how accurate is the
glucowatch. I don't know anything about that, but I would suspect that it
is even less accurate than our current portable meters.
You are correct that BG can rise quicklywhen you ingest glucose, but
falling BG is normally considerably slower, unless you've over bolused
yourself accidentally.

Over bolusing is not just a cause of quick reactions. During exercise, I can
drop quite quickly. A person in my diabetes support group has gone from 120
to 30 in a matter of minutes for no apparent reason. I'm sure the watch will
help because at least we'll be able to see a trend. My current meter, the
Accuchek Complete, is very accurate and I have verified this against lab
results. My understanding of the glucowatch test results is that it is
accurate in the low range and the high range, but not very in the middle.

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Subject: Re: [IP] Glucowatch

>But the advisers stressed the GlucoWatch is not perfect: It sometimes gives
erroneous readings, won't measure when the patient perspires too much,

this will be great at night when one is USUALLY not sweating!

YIKES! No reading if you sweat!?! Sweating is one symptom of a reaction for
many people. That also means that this watch will not help me eliminate
testing during exercise.

>Experts said that was mainly a concern in detecting hypoglycemia, blood
that drops below a measure of 70. But patients can program the GlucoWatch to
sound an alarm well before glucose drops that low, giving them time to do a
finger-prick blood test to verify their real level, the company said.

geneva usually awakens when low...

ditto to jeff hitchcock....we parents who have to get up in the middle of
the night will definitely "go the mile" for this technology.

I agree. What a great invention. I don't understand why the FDA panel
recommended adult approval only.

I would consider combining the watch at night with regular testing during
the day.

my 0.2
mom to geneva, age ten and still having to test at 2-3 am.

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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:15:04 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] My opinion on the Glucowatch

I know I test anywhere from 4 to 10 times a day now, but not usually do I
test every 20 minutes.  I think it would be such a treat to wear.  I have
called my insurance company already.

Let us know what your insurance company says. IMHO, I think they may squack
at having to pay for two sensors a day ($8) and still have to pay for test
strips above that.

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