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Re: [IP] Switching between Velosulin and Humalog

> > Switching is not very difficult, but it is not entirely problem free.
> > Might I suggest you try covering her basal requirements with
> > injections of Velosulin (done carefully in the infusion port) every 3
> > - 4 hours or so and just hook up to bolues for corrections or food.
> michael,
> just out of curiosity...how do you figure out the amount of V to
> cover basal requirements?
We use what would be pumped in the same amount of time. The activity 
curve is a little different, so giving less insulin more often 
produces a smoother result, however, In the summer, Lily has done 4 
and 5 hour stints between injections with good results. There is a 
little "hump" in the middle that must be watched for. If the 
frequency of injections is more often, the basal effect seems to be 
essentially the same for Lily. We once went 3 days this way, a few 
years ago, when the pump got drowned at the beginning of a 3 day 
weekend. Her bg's were as good as when pumping, just more hassle 
since I had to wake her exactly in the middle of the night for a 
basal injection of V.
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