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Re: [IP] Switching between Velosulin and Humalog

Here's a good case Nancy where you might just want to ignore the pump.  It
would surely be  a lot less fussing.  Just disconnect right before the
meet, and have her take an injection of R equivalent to her normal bolus
for the next 3 h.  I've done this and it works just fine.

<<<<<<<<<Have / do any of you  switch back and forth between Humalog and
Velosulin /
Regular in the pump?  Here's my reason for asking - Jenna qualified for the
State Gymnastics Meet (yeah, Jenna) which is to be held this Saturday.
She's competed for the last two years with her pump securely in a pocket on
her leotard.  But, I'd love to offer her the opportunity to not have to wear
it to the Big Kahuna of meets.  Unfortunately, meets are 2.5-3 hours, too
long to just disconnect without sugars shooting up ( not to mention the
nerves that go with competing), and I know she wouldn't have presence of
mind to hook up and bolus again half way through.  But, hey, if there was
regular in the pump (she already uses the H/V mix, so we have it around),
she could make it for 3 hours disconnected.  I figure we'd need to switch
the pump over maybe 12 hours ahead of time, so that the regular had a chance
to establish a baseline, not to mention flush out the H that would be
hanging around in the Tender . Does anyone make this transition?  Any tips?
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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