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[IP] GlucoWatch

I have noticed the excitement over the new glucose tester from
Cygnus, with the multiple posts of the entire article, which was
also in the paper, cnn, local news, email news, etc. (I would have
posted the url for the article rather than cutting and pasting, but
I guess most of our listmates don't have the newer email readers

My concerns are with insurance.  I am currently paying $258/2 weeks
($6,708/yr) and won't, CAN NOT, have anything that costs $8/day that
is not covered by insurance.  Somehow I believe that the tester will
be deemed to be 'experimental' and not covered for quite awhile..

It also sounds as if many in the news and on this list, expect it to
eliminate finger pricks and to be available immediately.  I would be
surprised if it was widely available in anything under a year.  It
also looks like the finger prick may even be done more often for the
best control, as it would be best to check whenever there is
movement or just a little high or low, which we would normally not
know about and wouldn't think to test.

This will not be a panacea, although it will be another brick in the
wall for better control and will be a tremendous help for those that
it is available too (hopefully all).
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Nothing you can't spell will ever work.
  -- Will Rogers

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