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Re: [IP] Help, Michael...

> You gave me some pointers for dealing with the insurance before, but
> I think they have a method of keeping certain individuals from being
> approved for the pump.  They tell me that the pump is approved
> durable medical equipment under my contract providing I meet certain
> criteria.  A friend who works for the insurance company tells me
> that their criteria is being a "brittle diabetic with swings from
> high to low".  If they think I don't meet that criteria, they will
> refuse to cover the pump for me. 

My limited experience suggests that all insurance companies have this 
B.S. criteria. However, when push comes to shove, they can not risk 
being taken to task legally or with the insurance commissioner for 
refusal to adhere to a physician's orders. They are, after all, not 
liscensed to practice medicine as a company. You must simply keep 
pushing, escalating the level of your complaint and never give up. 
You will eventually prevail. Along the way make sure to talk to and 
write to your legislative representative, the papers, your company 
human resources dept, etc... anywhere you might be heard and your 
story might reach the public.
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