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Re: [IP] Glucowatch

>But the advisers stressed the GlucoWatch is not perfect: It sometimes gives
erroneous readings, won't measure when the patient perspires too much,

this will be great at night when one is USUALLY not sweating!

>Experts said that was mainly a concern in detecting hypoglycemia, blood
that drops below a measure of 70. But patients can program the GlucoWatch to
sound an alarm well before glucose drops that low, giving them time to do a
finger-prick blood test to verify their real level, the company said.

geneva usually awakens when low...

ditto to jeff hitchcock....we parents who have to get up in the middle of
the night will definitely "go the mile" for this technology.

I would consider combining the watch at night with regular testing during
the day.

my 0.2
mom to geneva, age ten and still having to test at 2-3 am.

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